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Venus poet from bangalore

Hi, I am Venus, a fun-loving person. Who believes in creativity, be it music or my love for writing, I cannot lose a single chance to follow it. Besides paying my duties towards family and office, I always manage to have my “me time”. Yes, I am a poet who tries to pen down each and every emotion I came across till now and will continue doing so. I would like to sum up myself in these 2 lines… सीढ़ियां उन्हें मुबारक हों जिन्हें छत तक जाना है, मेरी मंजिल तो आसमान है इसलिए रास्ता मुझे खुद बनाना है…

poet Venus

For me, motherhood is no less than a blessing. I think your child is a gift of god and your newfound title that teaches you think about yourself that you never knew existed. It will test you, consume you, and mold you into a magnificent powerhouse of love and affection. Yes, it changed my life completely from living a carefree life to be a careful person, from eating carelessly to develop healthy habits. From a disorganized person to become an organized one, Motherhood taught me one of the best lessons of life. Being a mother of 2 super cute kids is like a roller coaster ride and I am enjoying it thoroughly. So for every mother who is undoubtedly a great person in every way, I would like to say – हालातों के आगे जब साथ ना जुबां होती है, पहचान लेती है खामोशी में हर दर्द, वो सिर्फ माँ होती है…

Professionally I am a content designer. so लिखने का कीड़ा मेरे अंदर हमेशा से मौजूद था, I wrote poems from the age of 9. I used to write and orated. But never had time to show up publicly. I had this hobby to write, So before marriage, my audience was my very few close friends and after marriage, it’s my kids. My daughter Lavika asked me once, “mum, why don’t you write and share it with everyone. She gave me the courage to showcase this hidden talent of mine to everyone and suggested that I start my channel. That’s how it shapes up, and now I feel so happy and complete. I love my kids yes they are my true motivators.

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Postpartum there were a lot of things that got me busy, Every night whenever I go to sleep I have this thing to recount and analyze what I did and how fruitful it my entire day was. Believe me, apart from love for your child I could not figure out a single thing I did was fruitful and satisfying. Some days I become so furious, some days I feel frustrated then I started thinking no this can’t work for me. I have to do something of my own, for my own, that can make me feel complete and satisfied. After all, it was not for anyone but for me. So I started writing… and I am blessed that everyone in my family supported me, my husband, mom, dad everyone. I am thankful to them.

Well! My professional journey has been quite exciting. After finishing post-graduation in Biotechnology, I joined University as an assistant professor. I was the youngest professor in my college and had been awarded for the same. After 2 years of experience in academics, I joined a dual specialization course at Pune University and topped the university. I also received the best project award on labor laws I presented during my last semester, then joined a start-up called New Yug Edu soft PVT. Ltd. Though I joined them as an HR and account manager but my journey of becoming a creative writer started from there, where I used to do scriptwriting, editing, and Voiceovers for our company’s own cartoon characters. Then after shifting to Namma Bangaluru, I joined Multibhashi as a sr. content specialist. And the journey still going on…
The toughest thing I would say is to get “TIME” and the easiest thing would be the “INSPIRATION” that you can receive from everything that surrounds you like your kid’s smile, your husband’s support, and moreover your will to do it.

I believe every person is unique and has got a lot of potential, the only thing needed here is a bit of courage and attitude in you.


Every lady should do what she loves to do. Give at least an hour to yourself, your passion, your hobby is harmless. In fact, it gives you peace of mind and happiness because this is something you are doing for no one else but YOU. So I would like to say that just follow your heart, follow your passion. It’s not only your right to be happy, but it is your need too…

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Thanks, Indian creative mothers, for giving me such a wonderful chance to showcase my work and most importantly to interact with all beautiful mothers. Thank you so much Maher to call me upon and offer me this platform where I can inspire others too. so ladies my only message for each of you is – Be unstoppable, be creative, be YOU. Thank you.

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