SMITI PANDEY | How smiti got determined to spread the beauty of Indian dancing Globally.

Smiti pandey

Hello everyone!
I am Smiti Pandey and further, in this I have described my endeavors. I was raised in a small town of Uttar Pradesh, India. After completing my post-graduation in English literature and got inclined towards Fashion which led me to study two years in Fashion Designing. Later, I started working as a fashion merchandiser in home furnishing and accessory consultant.

Smiti Pandey

Eventually, every girl is married, so did I, and moved to the US. There, I started dancing as a fitness routine because I was always attracted to dancing right from my college days. Passion for Dancing has always been a part of my life. Whatever the occasion, I’d be dancing. Being a self-learner has been the most effective in my case. Although I have learned from several teachers. I still remember when I was a five-year-old I did my very first performance in school. The feeling then and the feeling now, when I perform, is still intact. I have learned different Classical dance types with different teachers and by participating in various competitions and events I have been fortunate enough to work with talented people and learned a lot globally.

smiti passionate dancer

Dancing then turned into my passion when I moved to Switzerland and my lucky charm was my beautiful daughter Saanvi. That year was the most fruitful time of my life. I participated in several Indian events in Zurich, Switzerland. People noticed my talent and started encouraging and praising me. This was the time when I decided to turn my life around and have dancing not just as my passion but my profession. It has been 6+ years since then and with each passing year, I feel more alive and confident as a dancer.

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Dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the heart is another. So if you have a passion for anything then life is like a MUSIC.


I now live in Poland where I own a dancing studio named “Bollywood Dance fitness- TAAL”. People from different age groups, cultures, and ethnicity come here for training. Here I feature all formats and dancing styles – Indian, Western, semi-classical, Kathak, etc. Surprisingly people here in Poland enjoy Bollywood music because Bollywood movies have a strong musical element that energies people and they love to dance to those songs. I thoroughly enjoy training and dancing with them.

What really excites me over here are the mothers – regardless of communities they come and dance together and understand the language of love and acceptance. Of course, Indian moves aren’t easy. However, the enthusiasm with which all different age groups come to my studio to learn is wonderful. It’s great fun to teach diverse groups and its a great way to learn from each other at the same time.

smiti dancer

My daughter has been my driving force and strength, now she learns dancing for me, and being a teacher to her has developed a better bond between us when it comes to learning. We make a great combo as we both enjoy dancing together and interestingly she keeps me updated with the latest trends. No doubt, there are grave responsibilities involved with children, however, it’s easier to blend and manage if there are clarity and understanding in the family.

It is pretty evident by now that dancing is not just a hobby for me, it is my lifestyle, it makes me feel happy and alive. I am a strong believer in the fact that dancing is one of the most effective and pleasurable ways to learn about various cultures and societies. Dancing is an excellent activity to keep yourself fit, energized, and fresh. Dancing is not just about moving your feet it’s about enjoying each step you do.

A message I would like to convey to all Indian mothers who are talented and creative but never exposed to the world, Please showcase the hidden talent you didn’t need any certifications or someone’s assurance ,it’s your passion showcase them with all pride and let the whole world know about it. And don’t give up on your dreams, they are your biggest strength.

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