Rashi Sharma | A journey of a Doctor to a Crafter.

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Rashi Sharma
Hi, it is me Rashi Sharma from Pune. By profession, I am a doctor. I have worked as a senior spine consultant for years but now I am following my passion for Art. Surprised!!I owe this transition to my family and especially to my mom as she was always an art enthusiast. She is a graduate of fine arts. My love for arts started from my childhood, if I remember I always used to create, color, and experiment. Though it was limited to art & biology notebooks. I used to love pencil sketching and charcoal painting too and then as they say life took over. I got too busy in college, as soon as college got over it was time to join a job then marriage and kids. The strain of working, giving 100% on the work front, and taking care of two young kids finally started taking a toll physically & emotionally. There were days when either of the kids was unwell, but I had to go to the clinic because of my prior commitments. Then after a lot of thought in October 2016, I decided to become a full-time homemaker.

Now, I have a lot of time & energy to devote to my family and that happiness gave way to pursue my passion again. I decided to convert my hobby into a profession. The main advantage of following your passion for a profession is that you genuinely love the work you are doing. And when you do what you love, you are not bored of it and pour your whole heart into creating something beautiful out of it. From painting and sketching, I tried doing clay art which I still enjoy and when it came to creating stuff for my own home I experimented with Decoupage and this is how began a journey where now I dabble in clay art, mixed media & Decoupage.

It was not a eureka moment, it all began by doing arts for my passion and then gradually turning the passion into a profession. It is a sheer joy when people admire your products & students want to learn from you. All this would never be possible without my husband, mom, and brother’s support. They are both my admirers & critics. During this journey, I made a lot of creative friends and this community always encourages each other to grow.

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It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction when my work brings a smile on my customer’s face. That is my true victory and, in a way, when my customer is happy, it gives me the feeling that I did my bit. Why people buy a piece of art? Because they relate it with some aspects of their life that bring the pursuit of happiness to them. Art serves the purpose of making the owner happy. 

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I’ve started exhibiting my work in Pune since February 2017  and since then participated in a lot of major exhibitions across Mumbai & Pune like the style cracker & the Lil flea. We now have a client base across India through online portals. I take regular workshops in Pune. Through workshops I get to meet different people, I would say like-minded people. To whom I enjoy teaching the artwork and passing down my learnings. The workshops are for all age groups above 10 years of age. I have sort of created my tribe through these workshops.

Happy to share that one of my masterpiece is displayed on the wall of Taapsee Pannu, it gives me immense pleasure when your work is being appreciated and gets that perfect place like this.

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The easiest part about being a creative mother is that you can be around your family and still work but at the same time the toughest part is that when the creative juices are flowing and you can’t create because your family needs you.

As a mother, I have become a more patient and happier person. When I see my kids, it gives me a deep sense of emotional satisfaction. ~~All I can say is I am in a happy space right now. ~~

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To all the creative mothers, I must say that just do whatever makes you happy. Never start any work because someone else is doing it. It is just your passion that will take you places. Also, to all the women, let us encourage each other and grow as a family instead of pulling each other down.

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