Manpreet Bhamrah -From being a Finance Lecturer to an Amazing Painter and a Crafter.

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Crafting is a learning process and I believe whatever your passion is, be a master of it. Always keep your work challenging and exciting. Else, there will be no excitement left in you.
Hi, I am Manpreet Bhamrah a passionate crafter and a mother and these two roles always help me to be rooted and gives me a sense of belonging, and keeps me connected to the world around me and I feel so fortunate that God gave me the chance to explore and balance both the worlds so beautifully and every day I grow and learn things in a much better manner.

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I hail from the beautiful valley of Dehradun and did my MBA in Finance and was a lecturer in Micro- Finance and I never knew that I will be a Crafter and a craft instructor one day. I left my job and choose to keep my focus on that which was truly inspiring, motivating, uplifting, and what was keeping me happier at that time. According to me the only joy in the world that can make you happy is, to begin with, the love of your passion. When I started I never thought I am here just for success because for me Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success and happiness for me is to follow my passion and spread around the world. 

 Ruh e Sukoon came into existence in 2015 as a hobby idea to give eternal peace to mind and soul. I have started my journey as a hobby artist which becomes a passion and turned into a small business in 2017. Ruh-e-Skoon’s Sukoon ki Potli(basket of crafts) embodies the love for life, with a vast array of handcrafted household decorative pieces, made with a variety of craft materials and paintings. In a short span of time, my artwork got home nationally and internationally. It has been a beautiful journey for me so far as I have been through different stages of my crafting business and have been through different beginnings, from a quaint home-based small set-up to one that processes thousands of orders every month. But I’m loving it!!

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I do believe being a crafter one should have the talent to do that new creativity and should know the right technique to that else you will not get that recognition and the final Touch is a very important aspect of being a crafter in the sense that you should know exactly when your projects are ready for final touch else I have seen crafters either they end up in overdoing it or under and all these things are self-taught through experience then only your work will get recognition. 

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My traditional art and craftwork are appreciated by many known international artists. I did a few exhibitions which became a hit.I have my blog and my first blog post was regarding sanitary napkin dispenser. Many people liked it nationally and internationally. 

Art is as vast as the universe. The toughest thing about being an artist is that you never get satisfied with your creativity. And being a mother you have to be on toes to fulfill all the desires of your little one in between your crazy creative hours but luckily I got a very patient kid, she always enjoys my creative rides of art even she is a big critic of my work at this tender age. 

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I believe in spreading my learnings and teaching others about handcrafting art and painting skills. You can use this link to be able to get more descriptive information about caça niqueis antigos gratis. I conduct regular workshops to teach kids and grown-ups and enable them to experiment on their own and help find their passion. And I got this talent as a legacy from my mother. She is an extremely talented soul. My mother and my daughter are my inspiration factors. My mother played an important role in enhancing my talent. After my daughter’s birth, I came up with the idea of creating something for my daughter and my mother inspired me a lot for this creative journey. She is an artist and a crocheter too.


I like to work with all the mediums of art but I love the oil medium the most. Apart from being an artist or a crafter, I love to explore new travel destinations, run marathons, trekking, and writing poems. I am a kind of wanderlust traveler. I, my husband and my daughter have covered almost all the southern region of India, we like to explore in destinations.

A message I would like to convey to all Indian mothers who are talented and creative but never exposed to the world is that Life is about the experience and we should utilize this artistic gift of God. Start your journey today and shine like a star. Spread your learning to others. Continuous learning is one of the keys to success in life. No matter what you do. Unless you try to do something beyond what you have been doing, you will never grow so it’s very important to know about your inner strength.

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