Ancey George | How my passion turned me from a lighting designer to a crafter.

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Hi friends, it’s me Ancey George born and brought up in Mysore, I did my entire schooling and graduation in this beautiful garden city. I did my Environmental Engineering and subsequently Mtech in Building Automation. I am now settled in Bangalore. I worked as a lighting designer for 8years and quit the corporate after my second son was born.

After becoming a Mother it has changed my perception of life, though it’s not that easy, it was achievable because I looked at the positives in life. . Yes, it’s changed my views from seeing the world with practicality to seeing the world with innocence.

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You must be wondering after being an engineer how I became a crafter lover actually Colours, canvas, arts and crafts were something that I was interested in since my childhood. My Mom is the driving force and inspiration behind my achievements. This passion was throughout by my side during my engineering and post-graduation days. I loved being a lighting designer, but my passion for arts and creativity was something that led me to create my own business. It so happened that I saw some queries regarding handmade items on Facebook groups and started responding to the ones which I could try on. After my first order of 5 handmade jewelry boxes, I started my page Cherish in 2012. Cherish is all about handmade and customization. I slowly started getting orders for customization of bags and return gifts. I let go of my fear of trying new things. I tried to improvise on my previous ideas and products.

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Now our major product line is the customized name banners for kids. I did not have the slightest regret when I resigned from the job of a lighting designer that I cherished. In these years, I have worked on a range of customized products such as Theme based Name banners, return gifts like customized key chains, fridge magnets, car hangings, organizers, bags, etc. Keyholder, handmade puppets are some of our fast-moving products. Customized Name banners are very much in demand and have worked on almost 300 + banners that are handmade and personalized. Many of the banners are been gifted by the customers to their near ones. Our customers come back to us for more such banners to gift their friends and relatives. We are proud to say that many of the banners are now in different parts of the world. Hand puppets are something that we tried just a couple of months ago. These puppets have been used by storytellers and ventriloquists on various stage shows. Now we have 2 units with 6 members working with cherish and you can see all of our works on our social media pages :

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We are happy to try any new themes or products which are within our capability. Our Cherish ThinkLab is always innovating and trying to conceptualize new ideas and products that we hope our customers and prospects will appreciate and cherish.
I rarely conclude anything as being tough or easy. I always try till I am satisfied with what I do. The fear of doing something new is what makes a job look tougher. So during the molding years of cherishing, I can confidently say that I have let go of that fear. Being a creative mom is a stress buster from the daily routine.

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A message I would like to convey to all Indian mothers who are talented and creative but never exposed to the world is that Let go of their fear. Everyone has one or the other creativity inborn. Until you let go of your fear to showcase it, it’s a talent that will go unexplored. Believe in yourself. Failures are bound to happen. But failure is success turned inside out. It’s a stepping stone for every successful journey. Once you realize it, there is no looking back. Taking breaks in between is a must like during kids’ school holidays, festivals, etc. You will come back to your passion for fresh ideas.

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On a lighter note – When you work on something that you never like, you always look forward to your lunch break. But If you work on something passionately, you forget that you never had your lunch break.:)
Passion is the fuel that drives me to my creative best.

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