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I believe that fitness needs to come from within. For me, fitness is not just about hitting the gym; it is also about finding your inner happiness leading to overall well-being. Hi, friends, I am Priya Roongta from Gurgaon, and keeping fit is an intrinsic part of my lifestyle. As an ex Fauji wife’s life has been nomadic for many years and during that I was unable to focus on one particular area of work. I kept dabbling in different creative fields, from interiors to personality development classes, to running a catering business from home, to working as business development manager and also working as Backend Operations Manager, till I finally found my calling as a Fitness Professional.

I started as a Group Fitness Instructor but soon specialized in many forms of exercises like Pilates, Barefoot Specialisation, and TRX. From there I choose to do a Rehab Specialist and eventually A Master Rehab Specialist then I did my Personal Trainer Program from American Council on Exercise, after which I added a specialization in Sports Nutrition and Supplementation. I have been very conscious of choosing the programs I do. I kept in mind the need for Holistic Wellness and not just one part of the fitness parameter. When my husband was posted to Delhi, I did my first program with Reebok in ‘2011’. There has been no looking back since, and I have worked hard to clear many International Certifications and Programs, traveled for conventions, and multiple learning opportunities internationally. A few years ago, with the intention of personalizing my knowledge and my fitness journey for others, I launched FITWITHPRI. Now have a FITWITHPRI Personal Training Studio in Gurgaon that offers customized personal training sessions and dietary/nutrition advice to women and men alike.

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I am at my happiest when promoting, learning, and teaching at my pace, so this freelance routine works best for me. It’s my baby, and I have been nurturing it since it’s inception. With FITWITHPRI I am always looking at interesting collaborations with people who believe in holistic fitness delivered with integrity, passion, and undivided focus on the client.

 I am also a proud mother to my son who has always been a source of unending love and happiness. Continuing with my fitness philosophy, I have been very particular about bringing up my son in a very healthy and holistic way. Motherhood taught me to be patient and selfless and made me be more responsible than I ever was. My journey into fitness actually began after my son was born. Post-delivery, I had put on a lot of weight, which bothered me no end since I had always been a very lean woman. I kept trying to lose the extra weight on my own, but my limited knowledge of nutrition then did not work. This unease triggered the desire to get into something scientific and long-lasting rather than crash dieting and shortcuts to a slimmer me. I have been a science student, so I knew the road to success was there. I managed to lose 11 kgs for over 9 months. I waited patiently for many years while we kept moving across the country until the time was right and the place had my choice of programs to offer. I took the first opportunity that I got and stepped into the world of HEALTH & FITNESS. There has been no looking back ever since.

Self-motivation is inherent to me. To achieve it, one needs to find a purpose in life, once you have a purpose you need to create a space for that purpose in your mind and life.


 My mother is a very strong and resilient woman she has always motivated me and have being a pillar of my life. I take inspiration from women I meet everyday, common women with normal lives who have made a mark for themselves in their own little way.

Even I was inspired by the fit celebrities across the world. Women who were mothers and working Jane Fonda was my inspiration to take it up professionally. That was then, and today, apart from the professional success that gives me happiness, I am also immensely proud of the fact that my collegiate son and is not only academically brilliant but also an excellent sportsperson. While in school, he was consistently awarded the All Rounder Award, confirming my belief that being active needn’t be at the cost of your child’s other core competence. He is my pride, and I am blessed to have been able to guide him through his journey, especially as an athlete.He has taught me to be patient and forgiving 🙂

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I would like to tell all the mothers to keep trying and believing in themselves even if you feel that there is no scope. There is no harm in learning, even if it does not transform into any income. Sometimes it takes a while, but eventually, if you are persistent, they bound things to happen. So believe in yourself… that is your superpower!
It was a pleasure being a part of Indian Creative Mothers. I would look forward to being a positive influence to the masses at large in my area of work through this showcase of my work.

That’s all for now, signing off.
Stay Healthy Stay Beautiful 🙂

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