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How art and craft can help to keep the mind active during the Pandemic

How art and craft can help to keep the mind active during the Pandemic


During this Global health crisis the biggest challenge we are facing being at home as it’s an unfamiliar and unpleasant experience that involves separation from friends and family or kids are at not going to school and parks, and a departure from usual everyday routines. Changes to the usual ways of life can make people feel anxious and unsafe.

During this time of the global pandemic, it is very important to keep yourself engaged in getting creative and spend more time to devote to hone on your crafting skills and hobbies to calm your anxieties, to do something interesting and engaging while uncertainty swirls around. During the Pandemic, many Indians returned to the passion of crafting and hobbies of their past as they never got time to explore them but its a way to fill their days from kids to adults. 

For those who are confused that how one can start this calming creativity at home, then here is a short checklist

Before we explore them let me tell you that it has been found that to complete any such crafting projects it requires patience, focus, and persistence. And these cognitive skills helps in improving mental health and the surprising power of ordinary things to create extraordinary happiness.

stress during pandemic

Create Engagement with practice- Try to engage yourself in whatever you like but be consistent or have a sense of routine; rather binging on Netflix take out time for such activities each day — as little as five or 10 minutes. 

Don’t just play around. Making something concrete confers a sense of accomplishment. “Working with one’s hands and creating something really does something for your self-esteem,” Fratellone said.

Share with your community- It has been found that sharing craft items as a gift with your family and friends gives you a feeling of belonging and makes you feel strong and can lessen feelings of isolation.

Be patient.  Don’t take stress while crafting always remember that craft helps in relaxation and here you are not making a masterpiece instead a piece made with a full heart. So don’t expect perfection else it will become like an addiction.

Online Community are like a blessing– During this pandemic, there has been a boom in the online classes so nurturing and sharing your ideas with the online community is the best way to be engaged in your artistic pursuits and there are more social opportunities to learn and share the craft and receive the benefits of such helpful community

Nargis Khan(founder of Mr.Muffin) shares her experience “I use to organize decoupage workshops at my Art studio but after pandemic and due to social distancing,i started helping my crafter students online and for any quick query they can call me. Now I started making Online courses for them so they can understand every step which I use to explain them during my live workshops.”

Where to find supplies- the majority of people have this misconception getting crafting materials is very difficult.

Many independent and retail craft stores fulfilling customers’ needs through its online supplies after the pandemic and they are happy to ship to your doorsteps and most kits will include basic patterns so you can get started. 

During this Pandemic Getting creative Not only helped Adults even kids enjoyed and utilized the time in more fun to kill the boredom.

 Where kid’s social lives are less active as they are not going to schools and parks so they are finding new hobbies and interests so they remain calm and happy at home. Making Kid’s crafts of different sorts can be a great option if they are looking for a hobby because it can give them something engaging and rewarding to put their time into, Its helping parents also in a way that their kids are happy and they are saving money too and that allowing them to make things which they can even use.

Now talking about countless hobbies involving crafting, and so it can be hard to pick one to get started with. Here is a list of a few ideas that might inspire you to take up something new:


As we are receiving more online deliveries we are stocking so many cardboard boxes, now there are endless things which can be done using cardboards as kids love making houses, wall hangings, journals cover etc. Even they love painting small boxes and put them as their shelves. Even moms are using cardboard boxes as creative storage boxes for clothes and toys.

Straw Craft

With so many spare colorful straws at home kids love making necklaces out of them and there is a much more interesting way of utilizing straw and they look cute and innovative.

Oversized Matching Games

Kids love big games and they can easily make them using A4 sheets or any mix-matched sheets. As they love hopping around such floor activity with oversized mix-matching games makes it more interesting. Great for toddlers and little ones that need to get some activity while staying inside.

Popsicle Stick Crafts

Here you need only popsicles that are easily available in the market and one can make fun projects out of them from simple table mats to cute homes. Using Popsicle in crafting can in very interesting activity at home.

Vegetable Stamping

Carve out shapes on vegetables and stamp away. Make any shape you want, it’s so much fun. It’s one of the easiest and cheapest crafts you can ever make and it comes out beautifully. 

POM POM craft

This is also one of the interesting craft idea, Pom poms made out of yarn and even made with jute threads looks beautiful and can be used in making any kind of wall hanging, decorating your shoes and dresses, jewelleries etc. It’s a fun way of exploring different use of pom pom on different materials.

Jewelry Making And Bead Crafts

Jewelry making allows you to get innovative and creative, as well as working with different materials and tools depending on what you are interested in you can make wonderful pieces and there is a lot of demand in the market for such handcrafted jewelry and beads work. If you want to learn more than explore metalwork or working on leather as you can make wonderful pieces if you get your hands on them. 

Upcycling Clothes

If you want to wear something trendy and unique and make your own trendy clothes.Here you can use your old clothes and with the use of a little bit of creativity, you can do wonders with all your old stuff. For revamping you can use dyes, fabric pens, random cuts, embellishments etc.If you like the idea of unique clothing then you can do more as far as you are spoiling them 🙂 and in this way, you can save a lot of money.

Knitting /Stitching/ Embroidery

Knitting, stitching, and embroidery related stuff are getting popular again as people have started to value having unique items they made themselves to wear and it’s a very unique item for all the family and friends to flaunt around. Its no more grandma stuff there are lots of great patterns and resources available to help you make some really cool kinds of stuff.

Art and craft is a form of healing and calming activity and provides solace and therapy during a time of uncertainty. It’s a beautiful form for recovery of mental and spiritual health, and bringing people together from all over the world. 

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