Ashel Sandeep-How Tennis Rank holder player became a Baker?

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I am Ashel born in Malabar Coast of south India (Calicut) and brought up in Gateway of South India (Chennai). I am a mother of a beautiful daughter. I completed my engineering from Srm University, Chennai. I worked a few years in IT sector as a software developer until I discovered my current passion which is Ashel’sBakingHeaven . Much earlier to this, I had another profession. Born into a sports family, especially my dad (former Calicut university football player). I started tennis at a very young age (5). I worked really hard and played for the district, state, national and international tournaments representing India. I won many medals, tournaments. I was ranked among the top 5 in India under AITA (All India Tennis Association). Playing sports during childhood helped me to become the sound person who I Am, Confidence, grit, and the willpower to face any challenges in life. As I mentioned i was an engineering graduate and worked in a Top MNC as a software developer. I quit as soon as I realized it is not my cup of tea. I enjoy Cooking, Baking, Food styling, and photography. Now it’s been 6 years of Ashel’sBakingHeaven was born. Apart from this, I have tried my hands as a freelance content writer who enjoys reading and gardening. I am also an experimental chef and YouTuber. My channel name is Ashel Sandeep.

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Motherhood changed my perspective on life. Being a mother is a gift according to me. I feel blessed. There is a lot that goes into you. Like both physically and emotionally. You start to look beyond yourself and ready to face any challenges of life. I have become much stronger as a person after I have become a mother. Being a mother is learning about the strengths you didn’t know you had and dealing with fears you didn’t know existed.

A mother’s role is something you cannot describe. It’s much more than giving birth to your child. A mother and child is an insurmountable connection in any form. Love, care, affection is unmatched by anything. That’s the most beautiful relationship ever.

Since childhood, I have always inclined towards art and creativity and I do agree motherhood raised my creative quotient.

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Cooking and baking are in my genes. My mom, my grandmothers, and even my great mothers are excellent at cooking. It was my mom who started baking first. She used to make basic tea cakes which I used to enjoy a lot. It was fun to watch her bake for the family. Later I had a chance to do home science as an additional subject in 11th and 12th. it was indeed a wonderful experience learning many other things too. After becoming a mother, I followed the same my mom used to do for me. Baking for my daughter and family brings me joy. Soon I started baking for friends and many others. That’s how Ashel’sBakingHeaven was born. It’s been more than 3 years and going strong.

My inspirations are my mom for introducing me to this beautiful world of baking and I chanced upon seeing works of India’s finest cake artist par excellence rumana jaseel in a local Malayalam magazine. I couldn’t stop admiring her work. She is definitely one of the reasons why I got into cakes. Well, finally my husband, he is everything to me, my pillar of strength, support, a great father, and a wonderful husband. He made my dream come into reality.

Ashel’sBakingHeaven originally focuses on organic customized cakes and bakes. I like to offer and customized healthy and unique looking cakes for birthdays, engagements, or weddings. My focus is on organic and premium ingredients in all my cakes. I bake for different occasions like anniversaries, weddings, and birthday parties. Eggless, Sugar-free, Gluten-free are a few customizations that I make at the client’s request. Be it any occasion, a handmade creative cake is something to cherish forever.

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A message I would like to give to all Indian mothers who are talented and creative but never exposed to the world is that each one of you is talented, but you need to leave your mind wandering for a while to get open up. It really does ignite your thoughts and creativity. Give yourself some time and look around at what you are good at. Make your dreams into reality Enjoy this beautiful journey of life. Never Let it go or stop. Try everything to boast, bring your best of your version. Give yourself some time and look around for what you are good at. Keep working hard and upgrade your skills at all levels. It is important to keep learning and never let your motherhood stop you! Never compare yourself with anyone as you are the best for you. When your passion becomes your work, you will never get bored.

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