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A creative life is a life well lived


Being creative is not that easy!! You’d sometimes feel out of the place or have a hard time understanding how you can use your creativity to another level and that is what I noticed in the majority of mothers. Well you can relate to me we have come across so many talented and creative mothers and we are like OMG!! You are fabulous and unique.

But they found it strange or different and hard time fitting in unless you were lucky enough to know a few other creatives. But today, things are a little different. Where creativity used to be seen as just an added beat to someone’s personality, the creatives of today rule the world.

This is why the rest of the world is now trying to embrace the whole concept of creativity and is finding ways to make that side of their brain rule over the other. But how can you reach that level of creativity where creative juices just continue to flow?

5 creative hacks for all mothers who are afraid to show up.


1- All limits are self-imposed


 Unfortunately, mothers set their limitations and finally fall into their trap, this is also one reason why the majority of talented mothers do not get ahead by setting up their personal boundaries and fail to discover other ways to do things in the process.

I try to motivate them to keep exploring different styles and approaches from their niche. You may not be as great at them now, but through constant practice, it will get better. Remember that market varies in their preferences and needs. So never forte is one style and keep exploring and keep learning.

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2-Sharing prevents from sinking feeling.


A creative life should always be full of positivity and support where we learn the value of sharing. As a part of the mother’s community, it’s our responsibility to help and motivate each other rather than keeping your talent and skills to themselves and to paying clients. Always share your work and your insights through any medium it can be your YouTube channel or any social media platform where it encourages other talents to share with you as well, and this open communication will allow a deep understanding of different approaches to take.


3- Reach for the likeminded people 


Find inspiring mothers who are just as passionate about their creativity and lean on every word they say. Study their habits and their inspirations. Ask them questions and exchange opinions about creative life balance. Note that such motivating mothers’ community should be a mix of people you admire, people who inspire you, and people who have a thirst for knowledge just like you, as well as people whose styles differ from yours. A healthy mix of the community will ensure that you can see every discussion from different perspectives.

4-Success doesn’t come overnight


The price of success is hard work, dedication, and determination it doesn’t matter what you are earning out of it but we have to be the best of ourselves. Becoming a pro does not happen overnight. Enjoy every moment of the learning process and take baby steps to make sure you can fully absorb every learning opportunity, every lesson, every takeaway.

Never rush it, and never give in to impatience. This will only make you feel frustrated and could become counter-productive.

5- Every Negative feedback helps


The more you expose yourself and your work to other people, the more open you’ll be to criticism. Rather than running away from them, embrace it as it will help you to grow. One should always remember that never take negative feedback personally. Rather look for improvement and be thankful that there are many more expectations from you and they really want you to excel.

Never try to overcome the thinking of those people who are giving you negative feedback because it crafts your image as a success or failure in the mind of the other. Instead, start working positively on the areas pointed out to you and analyze if things are getting better with the suggestions. If you find some improvements then show up and be open to admitting that those feedbacks are making things much better and celebrate the fact that because of this you are able to improve and become much confident and strong.

living and sustaining a creative life happens when you have perfected the art of spending quality time with the world, you also learn to draw inspiration from just about anything. It depends on us how we take life as inspiration can be found anywhere even you get inspired by kids but we should always open our sense to them. All the creative and talented mothers need to know it’s a journey that you hone and develop through time.

This is why the moment you decide to be creative, it also comes with the decision for you to change your lifestyle. Remember that leaving your comfort zone is the only way for you to grow, develop, and advance.

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